General Questions

What’s the difference between BruinLife Photo Studio and Campus Photo Studio (CPS)?

There are 2 photo studios on the UCLA campus. However, we are not affiliated with each other.

BruinLife Photo Studio is by students, for students! We are directly affiliated with UCLA Student Media, the publisher of the UCLA Bruin Life yearbook.

As a non-profit photo studio, our revenue goes to fund the several enriching journalism programs that UCLA Student Media has to offer.

Please note that both studios use the same gowns and backgrounds so you can rest assured that your photos will come out to your liking.

UCLA Students: If I take my picture with UCLA BruinLife Photo Studio, will my picture go in the yearbook?

If you are a UCLA student, you must take your photo before the deadline established by the yearbook staff to be included by the yearbook. The deadline is updated at the top of the appointments page.

After receiving your proofs, you will have 1 week to select a pose you want included in the book. The yearbook staff reserves the right to select a pose or exclude a portrait for individuals who fail to choose a pose for the book by the deadline.

Will my photo from Campus Photo Studio in Ackerman be included in the yearbook?

No. Campus Photo Studios is not affiliated with BruinLife Photo Studio and we are separate entities. If you take your photo with Campus Photo Studio in Ackerman your photo will not qualify to be in the yearbook even if you try to submit the digital file yourself. Students wishing to be in the yearbook should double check that their appointment is in Kerckhoff Hall with our studio.

I’m not a UCLA student, but can I take my photos with you?

Yes. We welcome students from high schools and other universities to take your grad photos with us. All of our services are available to everyone.

We have the USC and CSUN generic sash for students needing them.

With the deluxe sessions, we recommend you bring any props you would like to use in your photos.

How long is the processing time for my order?

Processing time at the moment is 15-20 business days for print products and digital orders.

If you need your order by a specific date, please upgrade the processing time and shipping method during checkout.

Photo Sessions

Do you provide the latin/college honor cord?

Yes, we provide the latin honors cord for you to wear for your sitting. Please show up 5-10 minutes early the day of your appointment with a recent generated DARs to confirm eligibility. Please make sure to remind your photographer the day of your sitting that you are a recipient of either one.

The latin honor cord is the same for all levels of award. Please note that if your DARS does not indicate that you are a recipient (unless a letter from the academic counselor is provided stating that you will indeed receive the honors) you will not be able to use the latin honor cord.

Qualifications for Latin/College Honors can be found here:

What do you provide for my photo session?

For graduation photos, we provide the cap, gown and tassel that has been assigned to your college/major.

For UCLA Students, in addition to the cap, gown and tassel we also provide the UCLA “Class of 202X” sash. In addition, we provide various UCLA props for those upgrading to the deluxe session.

Other schools: We provide the USC and CSUN sash which don’t have specific years on them for your session. Customers wishing to have a “Class of 201x” sash from their respective schools must provide them themselves.

Do you offer props?

Yes! However, our studio props are reserved for deluxe and designer sessions only.

For customers with deluxe sessions, we highly encourage you to bring any personal props to be able to customize your photo sessions.

Can I customize my session?

Unfortunately, only the Designer session allows for you to customize the poses you would like for your photos. All other photo sessions are restricted to the poses you see on the website.

How do I prepare for my photo session?

We’ve made quick video on how to better prepare for this:

On the day of your session, make sure to bring some sort of Photo ID (BruinCard, Driver’s License, etc)

Can I cancel/reschedule my appointment?

Yes, any cancellations/rescheduling must be done 48 hours in advance and can be done via the link sent in your confirmation email.

Cancellations done after the 48 hour window will forfeit the sitting fee.

We don’t do Reschedules after the 48 hours grace period. You will need to simply make a new appointment with the original sitting fee forfeited.

What happens if I show up late on the day of my appointment?

We have a STRICT 2 minute late policy for customers with standard sessions before their appointment is canceled.

Our time is as important as yours so please respect ours by showing up early and not showing up late. Showing up late is unfair to your fellow peers who have appointments after yours and show up on time.

Rain, traffic, etc are not legitimate excuses for showing up late. It is your responsibility to accommodate extra time for weather and traffic that can be foreseen.

On the day of your appointment, if you realize you will be late, please give our office a call to POSSIBLY reschedule to a later same day appointment (only if availability allows). A $10 rescheduling fee will be incurred for rescheduling for a same day appointment (not valid for Deluxe or Designer sessions). In the event that there is no availability for a same day rescheduling, you will need to book a new appointment (and pay the full sitting fee) if you fail to show up on time and your appointment ends up getting cancelled!


Can I buy prints from my sitting?

Yes. We offer prints by “units.”  A unit is any size print that is made from an 8×10 photo sheet.

  • The “unit” sizes we offer are (1 Pose):
    • 1 –  8×10
    • 2 – 5×7
    • 2 – 4×6
    • 8 wallets

Can you explain the pricing of photo prints?

As mentioned above, we offer prints by “units.” This allows our customers to build their own photo package with just the right amount of units they need.

The most basic package you can purchase is a 2 unit package made of any of the sizes mentioned above.

The more “units” you purchase the more you save.

Any package you build out of the units you want is intended for 1 pose.

Why are digital files expensive?

Digital files are actually cheaper than buying photo packages. With a photo package, you receive a limited number of prints. If these prints are ever lost or destroyed, your only option would be to purchase additional prints. However, when you purchase digital files, you receive a digital release form that grants you permission to print those files an unlimited number of times. Need more photos for grandma? No problem, you can use the digital file to send off to your favorite printer.

Do you offer any promotions on the yearbook?

Yes. The regular price for the yearbook is $150.

However, if you purchase your yearbook as part of a deluxe photo package, the book is over 40% off.

Do you provide other products other than photo prints?

We offer more than just prints. We offer graduation announcements, frames, t-shirts, and the UCLA yearbook among many of our products.

You can buy any of our products by going to the “Shop” tab on our website.

Is the sitting fee refundable?

The sitting fee is used to secure your reservation and is non-refundable if not canceled within 48 hours of your reservation. 

As a student based organization, once an appointment is made we have to schedule a photographer to be available for that time. It is because of this reason that cancellations not done 48 hours in advance will forfeit the sitting fee all together.

We understand that your time is precious, so please respect our time by making the necessary changes in advance.

What is the sitting fee paying for?

When you pay the sitting fee, you are only paying for the “time” of the session which should not be confused with placing a photo order. You will receive proofs of the photos which contain watermarks on them. If you wish to obtain the images without watermarks you need to place a digital file order or order from the various print options.