What is the difference between BruinLife Photo Studio and Campus Photo Studio?

There isn’t much of a difference between BruinLife Studio and Campus Photo Studio, except that BruinLife Studio is run by Student Media, the publishers of the yearbook and Daily Bruin.

Both studios use same gowns and backgrounds.

However, because BruinLife Photo Studio works directly with the yearbook, we are able to offer more discounted prices on our photo packages.

If I take my picture with UCLA BruinLife Photo Studio, will my picture go in the yearbook?

Yes. Because we work with the BruinLife staff, your photo will automatically go into the yearbook. You have 1 week after your receive proofs to select a pose for the yearbook before the studio selects one on your behalf.

Do you provide the cap and gown?

Yes. We provide the cap, gown, tassel and UCLA sash for you to wear for your sitting. All you need to do is show up and come with a nice blouse (females) and shirt and tie (males).

Do you provide the latin/college honor cord?

Yes, we provide the latin/college honors cord for you to wear for your sitting. Please make sure to remind your photographer the day of your sitting that you are a recipient of either one.

Can I buy prints from my sitting?

Yes. We provide competitive prices that can’t be beat!

To get the most for your buck, we recommend you consider getting a Deluxe Photo Package which contains both photos and a yearbook.

You can buy your photos at studio.bruinlife.com

Do you provide other products other than photo prints?

We offer more than just prints: graduation announcements, frames, t-shirts, and the yearbook among many of our products.

You can buy any of our products at studio.bruinlife.com

Where do I purchase products?

Visit our shop site @ studio.bruinlife.com to make all your purchases.