Your Proofs

Images have been color corrected to our printers and may not show accurately on your monitor.
Photos have not been cropped and do not reflect the final cropping for printed images.

Not satisfied with your photos?

If you are not satisfied with your images, you can either:

  1. Rebook a “Retake Session” which is only 10 minutes long and allows you to review the photos as you take them.
    • Please note that due to the nature of reviewing photos, the final number of images varies based on how many photos you ask to retake within the 10 minute time frame.
    • We restrict retakes to no more than 3-4 poses!
    • Inform us in the notes section of your retake what in particular you want to focus on so that we can better prepare for your session.
  2. Book a new full session at the full price to be able to retake all the images within that session. In the notes section, state what you want to improve upon for your new session.

Schedule Retake Session

Ordering Photos

Ready to order digital files or prints?

Head on over to the “Shop” tab at the top. Prior to heading on over, take note of the pose #s of each file you are interested in purchasing.

Yearbook Pose Selection Form

You have 1 week from when you received your proofs to select a pose for the yearbook.

  • The yearbook pose must be from the set with NO SASH, NO CAP AND NO PROPS! Just Gown!
    • Latin or College Honors is the only cord permitted in the yearbook pose.
  • Failure to select an appropriate photo will result in either us omitting the submission or selecting one on your behalf.
  • Failure to submit a yearbook pose will result in either us omitting you from the book or selecting one on your behalf.
Please note that for the BruinLife yearbook, your pose submission must be from the set where you are wearing just the gown.
Please note that due to size constraints we reserve the rights to remove middle names from the yearbook if they are too long.

Please note that your major will appear below your photo with the major that you submitted during your appointment booking process.